media is a special collection that manages all media in the system.

Content-based media is placed in the media folder at the base of your website. Note all theme specific media should be placed into the theme's media folder:

  • media
    • my-media-file.jpg
  • theme-twitter
    • javascripts
    • stylesheets
    • media
      • icons.jpg
      • cool-pic.jpg
      • sunset.jpg

**Note that theme-level media will overload blog-level media, so be sure to define unique names are group media into logical folders.

Example Usage

Organize your files any way you wish, then use the special template variable to refer the media folder:

<img src="{{}}/my-media-file.jpg">

Reference media in stylesheet files using relative paths ../media

Using a dynamic url path is helpful when you want to switch to a CDN and or reorganize the way you handle your media.

NOTE This is now a non-standard legacy API. Using the media resources should work like all other resources, e.g. media.url. Expect this to change in the future.