data is a special collection for modeling abstract data in your Views for direct usage in your templates. For example you might want to define an ordered navigation list or iterate through a list of contacts.

Data is held in the data.yml or data.json file:

  • config.yml
  • data.yml

Example Usage

# data.yml
author :
  name : Jade Dominguez
  email : blah@email.test
  github : username
  twitter : username
  feedburner : feedname

since 2.4

Data now supports JSON:

  • data.json
  "author": {
    "twitter": "username", 
    "github": "username", 
    "feedburner": "feedname", 
    "name": "Jade Dominguez", 
    "email": "blah@email.test"

In your templates:

  <li>Author: {{ }}</li>
  <li>email: {{ }}</li>
  <li>github: {{ }}</li>