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June 05, 2012



I Just Broke Everything

ruhoh version 1.0.0.alpha has some major API overhauls and pretty much destroys all the old directory API endpoints for your blog directory.

I've provided a rake task to help the upgrade process below.

Following that is a quick outline all the new changes.


$ gem install ruhoh --version '1.0.0.alpha'


Use this Rakefile Gist to Upgrade Your Blog Directory

This rake task will upgrade most of your blog directory but it does not upgrade any themes to the new theme API because won't be able to catch everything.

The new stock twitter theme is provided at themes/twitter-for-1.0. You can optionally set this to your theme in config.yml in order to check out the changes.

Most notably you will need to change any mustache helper that outputs HTML from double mustaches to triple mustaches.

Change all instances of:

  {{ content }}
  {{{ content }}}
Next you should take a look at how stylesheets and javascripts are now handled. Ideally themes should use the mustache helper `assets` to render all asset dependencies:
  {{{ assets }}}
All the urls have been changed from `paths` to `urls`:
<img src="{{}}/pic.jpg">
<img src="{{urls.theme_media}}/pic.jpg">
<link href="{{urls.theme_stylesheets}}/some-stylesheet.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all">
<script src="{{urls.theme_javascripts}}/some-script.js"> </script>

The full Theming Documentation covers how to handle assets in depth.

Please contact me personally if you need assistance with porting your customized theme.

New config.yml Format + Optons.

Breaking changes for permalink and exclude. Must now be name-spaced into posts hash.

  permalink: ''
  exclude: ''
  layout: ''

  permalink: ''
  exclude: ''
  layout: ''

Pages and posts have default layouts named respectively, and can set default global layout in config as documented in Configure Documentation

New summary and posts_latest Helper Methods

An often requested feature was support for a "posts index" page which displayed the latest n posts and a summary of each post body.

This is now supported view posts_latest and summary which are outlined in the Templating Documentation

Additionally you can see an example implementation within the default blog scaffold

Add Support for International Characters.

You should now be able to name your files anything you want. URLs, tags, categories, and other arbitrary meta-data may be set using International characters.

Overhauled Permalink formatting

Users reported a lot of problems with the way permalinks were generated. I've added these fixes which should take care of all reported issues:

  • Supports international characters via unicode regular expressions.
  • All non-word characters are now omitted from the URL rather than CGI escaped.
  • Titles are always cast to string.
  • Strip dashes from start, end, and multi-dash occurrences.
  • Category names are CGI escaped to support international characters.
  • Permalinks without tokens are now treated as literals.

Additionally you can now reference the token :filename which will give you the raw filename of the post file.

view commit

Update Draft and Post Workflow

Posts no longer are required to start as drafts. You may create a draft or post using the command line names respectively:

$ ruhoh draft


$ ruhoh post

These methods additionally take in an optional title argument as specified in the Create Documentation

Native RSS compiler

David Long's RSS compiler task has been added into the main gem and now supports automatic rss.xml feed generation during compilation.

Add ability to run previewer in production mode

If you ever want to run the previewer in production mode:

run Ruhoh::Program.preview(:env => 'production')

This does stuff like omit drafts from displaying and affecting tag/category aggregates etc.

Change to Converter API

Converters now take in (content, id), rather than a page object: (page)

View the new Plugin Documentation for more info.

New Widgets System

A new "widget" system has been implemented. Analytics, comments, and syntax highlighting have been re-implemented as widgets.

View the new Widget Documentation for full information.

Overhauled Theme API.

Themes have a new, more sensical, directory structure and API as outlined in the new Theming Documentation

All old themes formats will now be completely broken, but it's for the best.


New themes make extensive use of mustache's triple mustache syntax. The triple mustache tells mustache to not escape special characters when rendering HTML:

  {{{ content }}}

New Stylesheets Asset Manager

Themes now have a concept of a stylesheets manager which paves the way for asset bundling and post-processing.

New Javascripts Asset Manager

Themes now have a concept of a javascripts manager for asset bundling and post-processing.


Thanks for your support. I encourage everyone to give the documentation another read-through to get up to speed with all the new stuff.

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