# Fetch version 1.1 from rubygems:
$ gem install ruhoh

# If you're using bundler:
$ bundle update ruhoh


ruhoh console

Load and play with your data via an IRB console session:

$ ruhoh console

Once the console is running you can inspect your data and run commands:

> Ruhoh::DB.update_all
  6/6 Posts processed.
  23/23 Pages processed.
  6/6 Layouts processed.
  5/5 Widgets processed.
   => [:site, :posts, :pages, :routes, :layouts, :partials, :widgets, :theme_config, :stylesheets, :javascripts, :payload, :scaffolds]
> Ruhoh::DB.stylesheets
 => {"default"=>[{"url"=>"/assets/twitter/stylesheets/bootstrap.min.css", "id"=>"/Users/jade/Dropbox/active/ruhoh/ruhoh.com/themes/twitter/stylesheets/bootstrap.min.css"}, {"url"=>"/assets/twitter/stylesheets/style.css", "id"=>"/Users/jade/Dropbox/active/ruhoh/ruhoh.com/themes/twitter/stylesheets/style.css"}], "widgets"=>[{"url"=>"/assets/twitter/widgets/google_prettify/stylesheets/sunburst-custom.css", "id"=>"/Users/jade/Dropbox/active/ruhoh/ruhoh.com/themes/twitter/widgets/google_prettify/stylesheets/sunburst-custom.css"}]}

File scaffolds

When you generate drafts, posts, pages, and layouts from the command line ruhoh uses it's built in file scaffolds. You can now override these files with your custom blog-level scaffolds:

# scaffolds/post.html
date: '{{DATE}}'

I want this message on every blog post for some reason.

Generating a post will now always use your custom scaffold:

$ ruhoh post "cool new post"

Spawn new blog from mercurial repository.

When you spawn a new blog from the command line, ruhoh tries to git clone the blog scaffold.

$ ruhoh new myblog

For users who use mercurial rather than git you can specify a mercurial endpoint to clone from:

$ ruhoh new myblog <scaffold url> --hg


Urls are normalized to omit trailing slashes.

All urls previously added in trailing slashes. Now they are all removed. This fixes a bug where pages would not be found if a user did not include a trailing slash in a permalink format.

Partials may now have file extensions.

Partial files may now have extensions but will still be referenced by name excluding extension.

Default partials now embedded into ruhoh gem.

Blogs no longer need to include the "default" partials as they will load automatically from the ruhoh gem. Users may still override system level partials with blog-level partials.

Theme scaffolding command removed from client.

Theme scaffolding has been removed from the command line tool.

$ ruhoh theme <name>