Ruhoh Version 0.2.0

May 04, 2012



Ruhoh v0.2.0 is just released! Most notably there is a more intuitive draft/publish workflow enabled by a more comprehensive /dash panel for managing your files.

history.json reference.

API changes:

Dates in post filenames are now optional.

If the filename does not have a date it will be required in the meta-data. This makes draft/post creation much easier and eliminates potential meta-data discrepancies.

Remove _draft folder.

Drafts are now simply a 'type' of post.
This allows drafts to be treated exactly the same as posts when in development.

Remove publish and un-publish commands from client.

Publishing is now done by removing the 'type' meta attribute on the draft file.

Add titleize method to client.

Titleize renames draft filenames to their titles if set. This solves the problem of all your draft files being named "untitled-n"

/_draft panel is now /dash with updated UI.

The /dash is much more robust and acts as a place to manage all your files.

(change) rackup configuration is now through Ruhoh::Program.preview.

This makes maintaining updates easier, and paves the way for the 0.3.0 which will support plugins through an event+hook system.

How to Upgrade

Fetch version 0.2.0 from rubygems:

$ gem install ruhoh --version 0.2.0

In your Blog Directory:

Add type: draft to all existing draft files:

    title: Hello world
    date: '2012-04-12'

    layout: post
    type: draft

Move all draft files from _drafts to _posts folder.

The draft folder is no longer supported so you can remove it.


Update RuhohSpec in _config.yml to 0.2:

  RuhohSpec: '0.2'


Lastly change to look like this:

require 'rack'
require 'ruhoh'
run Ruhoh::Program.preview


Create a draft by using either:

$ ruhoh draft


$ ruhoh post

Publish files by setting the title, date and removing the type: draft attribute:

title: 'Hello world'
date: '2012-04-12'

layout: post
type: draft     # <---------- remove this to publish the file.

Update draft filenames to their appropriate titles:

$ ruhoh titleize

Manage all your files at http://localhost:9292/dash

Please let me know in the comments, twitter, or email what you think of the new additions. Thanks!

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